Always choose a brand with organic products such as Siberian Health Company

The Siberian Health Company in Vietnam is a well-established organization dealing in functional foods and cosmetics. The company is involved in creating products that are well researched and in collaboration with leading experts from across the world. The products, in turn, are known for their high quality composition and raw materials. The key idea behind all the products that the company produces is to extract the healing and beautification properties of herbs.

About the Company

The company was founded in 1996 and has its base across the CIS, European and Asian countries and can be reached at The sales process followed by the company is the same across the globe – Direct Sales. It works within the country’s laws and regulations pertaining to these products and is, therefore, able to successfully carry out business.

The Company’s Science Research Centre is involved in conducting extensive scientific research in order to procure and use the best herbs and raw material to produce high quality functional foods and cosmetics. Other division of the company include Education Science sector and Manufacturing Factory.

Products from this trusted brand

Functional Foods

The functional foods product range includes various types of tea such as Herbal Animai Em Tea, Kuril Sai Herbal Tea, Khubad Sai Herbal Tea, Nao’s Nourishing Herbal Tea, Herbal Tea Shanga Zurhen, Shedite Noir Herbal Tea, Baelen Amin Tea. These teas are well known for their diuretic and anti-toxin properties as well as to stabilize blood sugar. They are very well accepted in Vietnam.


The company’s cosmetics portfolio consists of conditioning shampoo, oils for massaging, cleaning and toilet gels as well as skin creams among others. The wide product offering is to cater to a large audience and large variety of skin problems and concerns.

How to Order

One can buy the company’s products from registered consultants as well as through their online store on the website. The functional foods and cosmetics are available online at the same price as those available with a consultant. The website also sells supplies such as clothing (T-shirts, etc.) and accessories such as umbrellas, bottles and bags. The products are shipped from their company location in Hanoi, Vietnam. One can make payments through major credit and debit cards or through net banking.

The Siberian Health Company has always focused on the quality of their products and the expanse of their business across 74 countries with representative offices in 40 including Vietnam.

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