Four Reasons the DaVinciIQ is the Best Portable Vaporizer

The DaVinci IQ is hailed all over vaporizer review sites as one of the best portable vaporizers one could possibly buy these days. If you’re sceptical about the legitimacy of these claims, you can take this unaffiliated blog’s word for it, or don’t, you could look into it yourself and come to the conclusion on your own.

  1. Everyone knows glass and ceramic are two fantastic materials when it comes to flavor and the quality of the vapor. That’s because they’re not porous at all like plastic or some metals. The DaVinci IQ doesn’t settle for either of these, however, instead opting for zirconia. That is, synthetic diamond. Talk about a crystal clean hit.
  2. To be the best portable vaporizer by popular opinion, you have to keep the shape and feel in mind. DaVinci kept it very much in mind. The IQ is just ridiculously smooth, and it fits so perfectly in your palm (for most people with average sized hands out there anyways, there’s always exceptions guys and gals). This thing is hardly noticeable in your pocket if you’ve already got a phone or wallet in there, and it’s easy to take out or put away for whatever situation you find yourself in.
  3. You know those friends of yours that have the car they can turn on from inside the house with a remote, so it can heat up during the winter and they don’t have to sit there shivering their ass off for ten minutes? Well, the IQ is like that too. You can turn it on while it’s still in your pocket from the smartphone app, and let it warm up ahead of time so you can take quick, stealthy hits on the go. The future is evidently, now.
  4. It’s super simple to clean. The brilliant design doesn’t only make it easy to hold and travel with, but it also makes your life easier when cleaning it. Because of the direct vapor path, you only have to swab the inside of the heating chamber and the cover where the mouthpiece connects, because residue doesn’t have a chance to lodge itself anywhere else.

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