Gain Knowledge about Stationary Exercise Bikes and Understand Its Valuable Benefits

A stationary bike is a great way to pursue workouts without pounding excessively on pavement. Wide kinds of exercise bikes are available ranging from entry level model to expensive ones. Features differ from one exercise bike to another, which sways a buyer’s decision. Before you buy one, it is wise to gain knowledge about the different kinds, but first let’s understand the benefits of exercise bikes.

Benefits of exercise bikes

  • Principle aim of exercise bike is similar but some are enhanced for providing more benefits
  • A cardio-workout can be gained from any bike model but more setting features like varied terrain with various resistance level gives more efficient workouts.
  • Different kinds of muscle group get toned with indoor cycling like quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, hip flexors, low back, stomach, and calf muscles.

Different kinds of exercise bikes

Specific factors like time to be spent, desired workout levels, and body weight play a role in determining the kind of bike to invest in. Two kinds of bikes are available upright and recumbent. Both have their unique pros and cons.


  • Style of upright bike is similar to traditional one with straight handlebars but is stationary.
  • Moreover, the pedals and other parts are quiet same.
  • Consumers accustomed to ride traditional bike will find this option comfortable.
  • Upright bike simulates the road bike and gives intense workouts than a recumbent.


  • A recumbent bike provides back support, which is not available in upright bike.
  • Consumers with back issues need adequate support, so this type is optimal choice for them.
  • On recumbent bike user pedals from reclined position, this is easy to use.

Basic and advanced features

Both recumbent and upright exercise bikes provide basic readout information like heart rate, calories burnt, resistance, speed, time, watts, and interval time.

Some bikes include advanced features like adjustable seats & handlebars, extra wide seats, water bottle holder, iPod connectivity, multi-colored display screen, or wide pedals for extra comfort.

If you wish to go for the latest recumbent exercise bike then Schwinn 270 may be a good choice. According to Best Schwinn 270 recumbent bike review, it has a different design. Rider gets a little comfort sitting in a reclined posture. It allows riders to lose their pounds fast and get in shape in minimal time.

Pedaling moderately on stationary bike, a person weighing 150 pounds can burn almost 500 calories/hour. In addition, strengthen their cardiovascular fitness and tone different muscles in the body.

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