Know how Modvigil make you amazed

Modvigil is another modafinil drug that has come to stay. If you have been looking for a modafinil pill that is pocket friendly, modafinil is your best bet. You can purchase modafinil online at half the price of modalert.

Modvigil is a generic pill produced by HAB Pharmaceutical Ltd, a giant drug manufacturing company in Indian. There is no difference between modvigil and Provigil of Cephalon Inc. in terms of composition.

Now, you might be thinking that what is the difference between modalert and modvigil. Modalert is a branded modafinil drug manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical while modvigil comes in a generic form. It is a drug that most people raved for online when they need a generic modafinil online.

Modvigil is a tested and trusted variant of modafinil tablet that you can order online in online drug stores.


It is a usual feeling that people will start thinking that because a drug is cheap, it is less effective compare with expensive ones.

The price of modvigil pill does not affect its modafinil effects. A modvigil pill still contains 200mg of modafinil just like modalert.

Modalert is just a branded pill manufactured by a world recognized drug manufacturing company with larger customer base, and with more experienced than HAB Pharm, the manufacturer of modvigil.

Outside that, users still prefer modvigil to modalert. You can check other online modafinil reviews on modvigil to find out more about the drug.


Are you still confused about which pill to go for? Both drugs contain 200mg of modafinil. The compositions are the same. The only difference between them is just the scale of production and their quality. The only factor that makes modalert looks more effective than modvigil is its brand image.

Moreover, users of modvigil are still very large compare to modalert because modvigil is almost half the price of modalert. Others that don’t care about price, still go for modalert with a mindset that modalert is more effective than modvigil.


Modvigil packaging is superb and world class. The drug is being packaged in perforated aluminum blisters to ensure maximum protection. The way the strip is designed, it makes the drug easily divisible with dotted breaker lines.


Any doctorwill always advice first time users to start with 100mg of modvigil. A 100mg dose of modvigil is always sufficient for first time users.

Experienced or regular users can take the 200mg dose to give them the desired results. It is not also advisable to take more than 200mg dose in a day.


  • A 100mg dose per day is best for new users.
  • Sleep Apnea Patient can take 200mg per day.
  • If you are experiencing Shift Work Disorders, a 200mg dose a day one hour before commencement of work.


You can get modvigil shipped to you within 24 hours of payment confirmation. Payment can be done with major credit cards while you wait within 7 to 14 days to receive your order.

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