The Styles Of Extensions That Can Be Installed

You have a wide range of choice about the extensions that can be installed at a hair loss clinic. These extensions are going to be blended in with your hair.

Which styles can be installed?

Extension With Highlights

1) You may not want extensions which are just one colour. Instead, you will be able to choose some extensions which already have highlights. These highlights could be blonde streaks on brown hair. You may want highlights which are bright colours such as red or pink.

2) Highlights installed at a women hair loss clinic in London will make you stand out and people are going to give you lots of compliments.

3) The extensions can be inspected after they have been installed.

Extensions Which Are Blonde

1) You can have some extensions which are blonde. The colour is going to be matched to the exact tone of your hair.

2) This is going to give your hair a large amount of volume. You will be happy that this procedure has been carried out.

3) The extensions can be styled in any way that you would like them to be changed. This is going to be a very quick process for you.

Extensions Which Are Long And Straight

1) You might want to have extensions which are long and straight. These extensions can be installed by a stylist that has a large amount of experience.

2) These extensions are going to give your hair a large amount of volume. Your hair is going to look healthy once the extensions have been put in place.

3) These long and straight extensions are going to get you a lot of compliments and you will feel revitalised.

Extensions Which Are In A Bobbed Style

1) The extensions can be made in the style of a bob haircut. This is going to frame your face and will allow you to experiment with a new style. This bobbed haircut is one of the most popular styles that you can use.

2) The bobbed style might be one that you want to change in the future. New extensions can be installed at a later date. This is not going to take a large amount of time.

The Qualities Of The Extensions

The extensions should have a shiny and glossy texture so that the hair looks healthy. People will be impressed with the hair. Your friends who are also suffering from hair loss may be tempted to have extensions at the clinic that you have used.

The extensions are going to be extremely durable and you will be able to wash them without any issues. The extensions are robust enough so that they can be cut by a hairdresser. These extensions will look like your natural hair.


You will have free reign when you are choosing the extensions. Whether they are blonde, highlighted or curled is entirely up to you and then you are going to enjoy your new hair.

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