Three Great Ways to Keep Summer Healthy for Families

Every year when summer rolls around, families all across our great nation ask themselves, can we have fun this year without making another trip to the emergency ward? It is a fact of life that with many families, kids just seem to be able to get themselves into trouble faster than you can say “Fourth of July sparkler.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find some great ways to have fun with your kids this summer and keep them safe. Here are a few ideas we have heard passed around at PTA meetings and Cub Scout pack planning committees that we think are worth checking out.

Kids Summer Day Camps

Yes, they still have these camps though they may not be quite the same as the ones you went to as a kid. While the old fashion cabins in the woods variety are still out there, we now have quite a few other options to choose from to keep your kids happy and carefree while you work to pay the fees.

Day camps in urban environments are making the grade these days. Some of them, such as Santa Monica’s well-known Fitness by the Sea beachside camp, are great for day trips without killing the pocketbook. You can also choose from themed day camps in urban areas such as science camps for the little nerd in your family or even coding camps for those kids who just can’t get enough time on your home computer. They have the advantage of taking the kids into an intensive fun-filled day while you still get your kids back for night time connections and of course the weekend family outings.

Cooking Adventures

While your idea of summer cooking might entail using the barbeque more often, some families like to branch out a bit beyond this. In the summer, you are going to have a wealth of great fresh food from your local farmer’s market, so why not explore what you as a family can enjoy from this season?

If you live near a great farming area, why not make a special trip out to a pick-your-own orchard or try buying from farm roadside stands while taking a Sunday road trip with the family. Good eating is always healthy, and it pays off to invest some time in fresh cooking when the ingredients are this tasty!

Join a Local Team

Every summer our local neighborhood baseball team gets roaring with fun afternoon games. If you have a local softball league why not start either attending their games or even joining up? Most towns have leagues for players of various ages so that the whole family can get into the spirit of it.

Team sports are great for kids as it teaches them how to cooperate as well as stretch those muscles. For the adults in the family, it is a chance to relive a great childhood memory. If you aren’t athletic, you can still go out as a family and cheer for the local team. You will be out in the summer sunshine, enjoy the joy of being part of a community and even get to know your neighbors a bit better.

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