Understanding the Working Mechanism of Light Therapy for Acne – Do It Yourself

Acne is a skin problem, which has affected every other person. There have been various kinds of treatments and innovations to get rid of acne, however by far the most successful one is considered as the light therapy. In this therapy, a certain kind of blur light is used on the affected areas to get rid of the inflammation and the acne. This therapy is considered as a revolution in the history of dermatology because it is the most convenient and the quickest way to get rid of acne problems.

The light therapy has become extremely popular these days because the patients can acquire the best results from the work place or at home as well. They will just need the right equipment to perform the procedure. In this article, we will be discussing about the working mechanism of light therapy for acne treatment at office as well as at home.

How does the blue light works? – Learn some facts

The working mechanism of the light therapy is not difficult to understand. When the doctor will apply the blue light over the acne, the bacteria present in the oil glands will decrease. This will eventually lead to the vanishing of the bacteria. The ultra violet rays present in the light will decrease the inflammation and the swelling in the acne. The light therapy is known to give immediate results, if it is performed well with proper sterilized equipment. If you are planning to get it, then you can visit Dr. Élise Sherbrooke clinic. She is considered as the best and the most professional in her area. Visit her website, to know more.

How can one use light therapy at the doctor’s work place as well as at their homes?

There are various ways to get the best results from light therapy at home and at the clinic. Few of the facts have been discussed below –

At the doctor’s clinic –

  • Whenever you get the light therapy from the doctor’s office, they will use a light which is more intense. The treatment’s cost may vary but the most common price quoted is 40$ per treatment.
  • The doctors use a photosensitizer before the treatment over the skin, in order to get better results from the light therapy.

At home –

  • For home, there are different kinds of light devices available including table top, hand-held and light masks.’
  • Amongst the above the hand-held devices are known to work the best.

Such devices may cost above 200$ and the time required for the treatment may vary from one device to another.

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