What are Macronutrient Numbers?

When you are on a diet, your nutrition plans are set keeping in mind the number of meals you eat, and when do you eat them and then your choices of food. You are enlightened on that diet chat, and they know what you are to eat. Your meals are prepared on the numbers, called macronutrient numbers which define the amount of fat, carbohydrate and protein. Your meal is defined by the total of whatever you have in your meal.

Therefore, each food has its amount of micronutrient, depending on what the food is, what is its size and the quality of the food.

So, macronutrients are the total number of carbs, protein and fat count in the food. The diet plan consisting of macronutrients don’t focus on the calorie but the breakdown of micronutrients.

How to plan a macronutrient diet?

There are calculations available these days to make a micronutrient diet plan for you. The first thing you need to do is determine how many calories you need to meet your goal for a day.

Let’s check how to prepare your macronutrient diet:

  1. Calculate basal metabolic rate or BMR: This is the energy you spend every day without help from your exercise or digestion.

You can calculate your BMR with the formula Bodyweight (pounds) x 10

The most reliable BMR counting method is by formula

Male: (6.25 x height in centimeter) + (10 x weight in kg) – (5 x age)+5

Female: (6.25 x height in centimeter) + (10 x weight in kg) – (5 x age) – 161

  1. Calculate total energy expenditure: This is the total energy required by your body to function,and it includes, basal metabolic rate, exercise associated thermogenesis, non-exercise associated thermogenesis and thermic effect of feeding,

So, after you worked out the number of calories your body needs daily, you can set up your diet plan very easily. For gaining weight, you can add more calories,and for weight loss, you can reduce calories and also other micronutrients from your body.

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