Why Change to Vaping?

Choosing to vape is more advantageous than smoking for several reasons, more and more people are making the switch. Vaping offers users the chance to enjoy the same sensation as smoking but with an electronic cigarette that is far safer. The vaping industry continues to grow worldwide, and it has become a popular hobby for many.

Healthier Alternative

We know that e cigarettes aren’t 100% healthy for you, but they are a lot better than traditional cigarettes. Tobacco smoke is full of harmful compounds that cause a range of diseases including cancer. Cigarettes contain well over 3,000 toxic chemicals and many of them are carcinogenic. You’ll find a variety of substances in cigarettes that are poisonous, these include:

Ammonia – This substance is commonly added to cleaning products.

Carbon monoxide – Cigarette smoke has very high levels of this compound, smoke is non-existent in electronic cigarettes as users inhale vapour from e liquid.

Hydrogen cyanide – A poisonous gas that is found in cigarette smoke.

Although e cigs do contain nicotine, vapers possess the ability to reduce their dose. They can gradually stop using nicotine and just enjoy using the device without depending on a nicotine hit.

Socially Acceptable

Choosing to vape is different from lighting up a cigarette, you aren’t blowing smoke at anyone around you and the vapour which is omitted when you exhale isn’t harmful to others. An electronic cigarette heats the e liquid causing it to produce vapour, it isn’t smoke. This means you can use them in places where smoking is forbidden.

Easy to Use

If you decide to purchase an e cigarette in Sydney or any other city in Australia, you’ll find that they are easy to operate. They may seem complicated due to their futuristic appearance, but they are easy to use. Most of the e cigs you’ll encounter contain a cartridge (containing the e liquid), a battery, and an atomiser. Once you screw all these together you can use your device, the battery powers the atomiser, and the atomiser heats the liquid which produces vapour.

Cigarettes Cause Fires

Cigarettes are one of the main causes of household fires, if you happen to nod off while smoking and accidently drop your cigarette on the carpet or sofa, your home could go up in smoke. Whereas if you fell asleep using an electronic cigarette there is no chance of it causing a fire. E cigs are made from lithium batteries, the same type of batteries you’ll find in your iPhone or Galaxy. They are a lot safer than cigarettes because they don’t operate off an open flame, the atomiser only heats up the coils when you press a button.

There are several good reasons to change to vaping instead of using cigarettes, e cigs are a lot healthier because they don’t contain as many chemicals or toxins. Other people are more excepting of vapers because the device they use doesn’t contain smoke and isn’t harm to non-users. In addition, e cigs don’t cause fires and cigarettes are the cause of most household fires in countries such as Australia and the UK.

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