Could Taking CBD Supplements Help College Students?

Going off to college provides young adults with the perfect environment to grow and develop on an academic, professional, and social level. The flexibility and freedom of being independent amongst a diverse group of individuals is very exciting, but it’s not all peaches and cream. Most college students struggle to keep up with the expectations of their parents, the demands of their studies, and the challenges of entering adulthood, all while trying to fit in with their peers.

Coping in College

The stress is enough to leave some feeling anxious and even depressed. Without a healthy means of coping, students end up turning to vices like prescription pills, alcohol, and street drugs which then leads to dependency, addiction, and in severe cases, death. Fortunately, remedies like CBD supplements provide a healthier means of coping.

What is CBD?

Cannabinol better known as CBD is a chemical compound found in the hemp and marijuana plants. Continued studies have shown that CBD can be very beneficial when taken on a regular basis. When consumed, it works with the body’s Endocannabinoid system or ECS which has a direct impact on mood, sleep, inflammation, and pain response. It has been known to treat or reduce a lot of issues including anxiety. Extracted from hemp plants and then used to make capsules, food, ointments, and a host of other products, CBD is quickly becoming one of the go-to alternative treatment options for many conditions.

How Can CBD Help a College Student?

So how can CBD be a solution for combating college anxiety and stress? Here are a few examples below:

  • Ward Off Social fears – whether you’re having trouble fitting in with your peers, holding conversations at social gatherings, or reciting a speech in front of the class, social fears and anxiety are real. It can be so debilitating that you isolate yourself to avoid communication or suffer a panic attack. Taking a CBD supplement can help to reduce your anxieties and put you in a more relaxed state of mind.
  • Improve Your Focus Can CBD improve my focus? The answer is yes. When you’ve got a lot on your plate it can be really hard to focus sometimes. That’s where CBD comes in. When taken, it helps to increase your serotonin levels which reduce feelings of anxiety. As anxiety can often be the trigger for lack of focus, it should essentially help to clear the cloudiness or fog you’ve been experiencing.
  • Better Sleep – Who has time to sleep when you’re bombarded with things like class, work, studying, and social activities? Though getting some shut-eye may seem secondary when you’re young, the truth is you rob your mind and body of the time it needs to replenish and heal itself. If you can recall, CBD works with the ECS which directly impacts sleep.
  • Great for Hangovers – Now, getting wasted certainly isn’t something that’s recommended all the time, but after a night at a party or bar hopping with friends who knows what could happen? You know you’ve got to be up and ready for class the next day, but a night of drinking can quickly turn into vomiting, upset stomach, and headaches. Turns out, taking a CBD supplement can even help hangovers.

Getting a college education is exciting, but also stressful. The increased workload, responsibilities, freedom, and diverse social atmosphere can be difficult to adjust to at first. Rather than using unhealthy coping mechanisms like alcohol and pills, perhaps try taking a CBD supplement on a regular basis. It can reduce your anxiety and social fears while improving your focus and sleep. Let’s not forget it’s also great for those days you partied a bit too much. All in all, taking this all-natural ingredient can certainly enhance your efforts in college.

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