Deducing the health benefits of e-liquids – In what way are they better?

E-cigs, also known as electronic cigarettes are electronic systems of delivering nicotine. They come in the form of vape pens, vaporizer cigarettes and they’re promoted in the market as a means of eliminating smoking. There are millions who have taken up e-cigarettes since its inception several years back. In the year 2017, 5.8% of the American adults started using them. Vaping is currently the most famous form of tobacco use among the adults and teenagers alike. More and more college students are engaging themselves in vaping.

While it has been proved that vaping can assist the smokers to quit smoking, there are also evidences that too many people are beginning to vape for its own sake. This is leading to a new habit of vaping even among those who were never smokers. If you’re eager to get your e-liquid from V2 E Liquids, here are few facts on e-liquids you should know.

#1: E-liquids are no longer a mystery

If you thought e-liquid’s composition is a mystery, you’re mistaken. The main base comprises of VG or vegetable glycerin and this glycerin doesn’t carry any flavor but it happens to release a lot of vapor. One more ingredient is PG or propylene glycol which is believed to be the key ingredient in anti-freeze. However, people mistake it for diethylene glycol which is there in e-cigs of mass market. Both PG and VG are good for health and they’re also approved by the FDA.

#2: There are many e-liquid vapors which contain no nicotine

Majority of the starters who take to vaping in order to quit smoking, start off with high levels of nicotine content so that they can substitute their habit of smoking with vaping. However, with time they try their best to reduce the levels of nicotine so that they can one day quit inhaling nicotine which is the addictive thing. You’ll be surprised to know that there are many who take to vaping but they don’t inhale nicotine. There are several e-liquids which don’t contain nicotine.

#3: The vapor released by e-liquids are less harmful than smoke

The vapor that is produced by e-liquids is much less harmful than the smoke that is released by tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, second-hand smoke is also extremely harmful as there have been records of many deaths of young children and infants due to inhaling second-hand smoke. But this is not the case with vaping. There’s no harm that can be caused by second-hand vaping.

Therefore, now that you know how e-liquids are better for your health than tobacco, don’t waste time in getting one for yourself.

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