Do you want to work legally in the US if your h1b lottery is not drawn? you can consider an O1 visa


The h-1b lottery(also known as h1b抽签) for fiscal year 2020 is over. If you win, congratulations! But if you don’t win, do you really need to return home? If you Don’t want to go back to China, what about identity? Many people want to have a green card, but the green card schedule(also known as绿卡排期)is very long, and the review is particularly strict.It may not be approved, and the legal status will expire.

L got a good job in New York(also known as纽约找工作) after graduation. His employer submitted his h1b visa application, but he didn’t win the lottery, so he had to give up his high-paying job?

Besides h1b visa(also known as h1b签证), have you considered o1 visa(also known as o1签证)? Many immigration lawyers(also known as移民律师) recommend it.

O-1 is a non-immigrant visa for people with special skills in science, art (including television and film), education, business or sports.

Since it is a visa for people with special talents, the standard will be relatively high, you need to prove that you are the top talent in the related field! O-1 does not need to draw lots like h-1b, which is only one chance in a year. O-1 can apply at any time all year without drawing lots, which saves a lot of randomness, so it is very suitable for some people who did not draw h-1b. Compared with the h-1b visa, the o-1 has no strict restrictions on salary, job responsibilities and other aspects. Employees are not required to have a college degree, so actors, athletes and painters are eligible to apply for o-1.

For the first time, O-1 holders can apply to work in the United States for 3 years. If they can prove that they still need to stay in the United States and the employer is willing to continue to hire him, he can be extended for an indefinite period of one year.

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