Perfect Deals Now for the Kratom Usage

Kratom is only recently (all started at the end of 2004 with peak in April 2005) under the spotlight of medical and scientific research and studies on its possible pharmacological applications are still in progress. However, some countries consider its ban without having even studied its advantages (and its disadvantages, let us not be partisan) in the first place.

Legal Status?

This is why the legal status internationally of Kratomhappens to be uncertain, in spite of its many advantages over prescription drugs (overpriced!) with theextreme side effects. But there are extremely opposite options also.Kratom has been in use for millennia and it is clear that Kratom users, vendors and researchers need to spread information to clarify the true nature of this natural product, before ignorant idiots who know nothing about Kratom decide to to criminalize it and thereby deprive consumers of a natural substitute for opiates. According to our readings, Kratom does not cause significant negative effects, but studies on long-term consumption are still in progress. Many around the world now wonder where can I find kratom?Unfortunately, Kratom does not enjoy a romanticized story such as Opium, Cannabis or LSD, but is anchored in traditional uses as a stimulus for farmers and the workers who use that to overcome their daily hard works and hard life.

Kratom, Medicine or Narcotic?

On 28 January 1993, a notification from the Ministry of Health made Mitragynaspeciosa a narcotic controlled under category 30 (b) of the Myanmar Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (formerly Burma). Unfortunately, we have not been able to find the reason for this ban, but we suspect an illogical decision based on financial interests: prescription and self-service drugs are, of course, more important to the government than cheap and widely used natural remedies (and used!). Then again, we do not know the role of the Kratom in the Burmese culture, therefore who are we here to judge? In the year 1994, one study had been published by Ministry of Health indicating that a number of people had made use of it in order to get opioids.

The Support in the Media

Almost every time Kratom is mentioned in the media, it is (often) described as a dangerous and addictive substance of no medical value (although its use as a treatment for various pathologies for centuries has been documented) and is associated with substances with which he has nothing to do. Relatively new to the Western world, its novelty seems to contribute to misunderstandings and a priori. Comparing this natural opiate herb, as some journalists sometimes do or talking about its addictive potential and drug addiction, it only negatively stigmatizes consumers and makes criminals of those who suffer from pain and do not want to resort to it anymore. The overpriced prescription offers with severe side effects.


A recent report by the Transnational Institute and the Thai Narcotics Control Board concludes that Kratom is part of the culture of southern Thailand and that its criminalization is not only unnecessary but also counter-productive. It was productive given the centuries of use without problems. Now that the online sites are there you also don’t have to ask where I can find kratom. Here are the best options for the same.

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