Pros And Cons of Online Therapy for Teens

It’s no secret that teenage is a time where a persons is going through major developmental changes, both physically and emotionally. Teenage can be a rough and hard time and many teenagers suffer from some kind of mental disorder during these years. It is also hard for parents who don’t quite know how to deal with their teens. It is imperative that parents seek professional help for their children but most teens are not receptive to the idea of sitting in a stranger’s office and revealing their thoughts.

Online therapy and counseling has become popular recently in this regard. You can visit for different websites that provide online therapy and choose the best one. But is online therapy really effective for teens? Following are some pros and cons of online teen therapy that will help you make a decision.


Teens are comfortable with technology

Smartphones, internet and social media seems like they were invented for teens. Teens are most comfortable with chat rooms and there are more chances of them opening up to the therapist, if they are talking online.

It’s Convenient and has Less Stigma Attached to it

Teens may feel embarrassment or fear that their peers and friends will find out about them being in therapy. This makes them reluctant and hesitantto visit the therapist but in online therapy, teens can engage with their therapist without these fears. It is also convenient for both teens and parents because they don’t have to commute between their busy schedules.


Lack of Visual Clues

Probably the biggest disadvantage of online therapy is that it does not allow the therapist to read the body language and facial expressions of the patient. These clues are generated from the subconscious mind of the patients and help the therapist to know about the real feelings of their patients, even when the patient is lying. Lack of visual clues can be a hindrance but if your teen communicates through video conference, this issue can be resolved somewhat.

Technological issues

If your internet happens to be down or the network is facing technological difficulties, you will not be able to contact your therapist and help might not be available for your teen when he or she most needs it. Also, online therapy is mainly ineffective in case of aggressive and suicidal teens as the therapist will not be able to physically calm them.

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