Testosterone Propionate Mechanism and Dosage Effect Needs to Be Understood

Testosterone products available are of different types. In addition, you will find variety of brands as well as differences in recommended dosage and milligram strength.

Testosterone propionate brand found in Thailand is in injectable form. British Dragon manufactured and named it Testabol Propionate.

Ester, when attached to base drug can alter its molecular structure. In Testabol Propionate product, propionate is an ester that is connected to testosterone.

Modified structure influences the half-life and absorption rate. The percentage of changes in both will depend on milligram strength. In a bottle of Testabol Propionate 100, there is 10 milliliter of testosterone propionate.

Brands name associated with testosterone propionate

  • Androlon
  • Testogen
  • 17-beta-Hydroandrost-4-en-one-propionate
  • Agovirin
  • Testosid

Propionate ester is substituted in 17beta position to create short-term, oil-based testosterone injection.

Responsibility of testosterone propionate

Two primary activities performed include –

  1. Stimulating androgen receptors
  2. Conversion to estradiol

Both these traits can cause multiple androgenic side issues.

Side effects

Testabol Propionate is capable to generate very moderate to very high aromatization effects or get converted into dihydrotestosterone.

Women need to avoid using this steroid because of its tendency to cause virilization. In addition, they can encounter some irreversible and undesired side effects. Due to its short half-life, users may need to use injections frequently.

Recommended usage of Testabol Propionate

Dosage recommendation can display minor to moderate to severe side effects because the instructions are for average users. Generally, the dosage level will depend on age, gender, purpose, existing health status, and milligram strength. Bodybuilders take high than medically recommended dosage to gain chiseled physique.

On the other hand, patients suffering from medical condition called hypogonadism [low testosterone level] use prescribed dosage. Doctors recommend dosage on the basis of patient’s age, weight, height and the condition they are being treated.

Generally, 25 mg injectables are recommended to be taken twice or thrice a week [spaced evenly]. Medical prescription is for 25 mg – 50 mg three times in a week.

Bodybuilder’s dosage cycle

Testabol Propionate is extremely used in bodybuilding arena. It is between 300 mg to 500 mg a week. It is injected in equally divided doses twice or thrice a week.

Many veteran users inject 125 mg – 175 mg on daily basis, which means a total of 700 mg in a week. Actually, exceeding the 500-mg limit per week is not regarded as more effective, but can certainly contribute to increase in side effects.

For achieving the expected results sufficient activity or workouts and balanced diet is also crucial.

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