Why Is It Important To Visit A Dentist And How Frequently Should You Visit?

Many of us usually ignore and pay less attention towards the maintenance of our teeth, which leads to decay at a very early age. Regular maintenance and timely treatment is very essential for a long lasting and healthy teeth and mouth.

Let us first understand how regularly should one visit a dentist?

Consultation differs from person to person, but mostly it is recommended to visit a good dentist after every 6 months for a routine checkup and to treat any issue at an early stage, before it becomes worst and untreatable.

Many of us with less gum disease and cavity problem can go for a checkup once in a year, but for those with major cavity and dental issues, need to visit at least three to four times in a year.

Why is it essential to visit a dentist?

Regular and timely visit to the dentist is important for safeguarding your gum and teeth. We understand that most of us are not very comfortable to visit a dentist that often but a little trouble at an initial stage helps and prevents bigger damages in the future.

Why dental wellbeing is important?

Tooth cavity and unhealthy gum might lead to passing on the bacteria from your mouth to the blood stream which might affect your health and immunity. Hence, proper prevention of your teeth and gum diseases would save you from illnesses. Prolong ignorance might also result in losing of your teeth, which might also take away the self confidence in you.

In what extreme conditions dental visit is unavoidable?

  • Due to cavities and gum problems if you experience unbearable pain and swelling in your neck, face and mouth then visiting the dentist is inevitable.
  • If you have hereditary gum disease and they are bleed regularly when you floss and brush daily, then do not ignore the problem

  • In case you have a missing tooth and that makes you conscious in public, then implanting an artificial tooth is a good option.
  • If you already have a history of root canal or other dental treatment, then regular checkup and timely replacement is the must.
  • If you have an ongoing medical problem such as diabetes, HIV, cardiovascular disease as well as you are regular smoker, pregnant, history of gum problem and cavities, then regular dental visit is important.

Regular wellbeing of our dental health might reduce the visit to the dentist after few years. It is rightly said that health is wealth hence, stay healthy live wealthy.

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